Anonymous said: Huge fan of the blog. It was a fun ride while it lasted.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

toastyy said: :'(

Sorry! This won’t be the last of me though!

Anonymous said: Haha! That is amazing. Just embrace it! Send her x-mas cards signed from the two of you. Have her over for dinner so you and Dave can both serve the meal. She will be properly confused. Thanks for all the laughs!

Especially if Dave and I make out throughout dinner!

Anonymous said: The story of your Mum thinking you were gay and then you staging a picture of you and your friend bum fucking will always be one of my favourites. Classic!

Ha ha, ya, that one is pretty outrageous! The funny thing is that Dave (who’s in that photo) is actually my roommate now- so as 30 year olds that live together we look as gay now as we did then. Maybe it’s time for my Mum to confront me again?

Anonymous said: I'm really going to miss your blog. I always had a good laugh when you had something new to post. I've even shared your stories with other people who haven't been fortunate enough to visit this blog of yours. Take it easy! This will be missed.

Ah, thanks for taking the time to share such kind words. Super cool of you to share the stories with your friends! I hope to follow up with a new project that’ll outdo this one.

timduncanfanblog2k14 said: So will you announce here if you start up another project or is there anywhere else you might reveal that?

Yes. Unsure what next project will be but I’ll announce it here if and when it happens.

vaughnwhiskey said: You're a dick. Good luck with everything man!

Ha ha. Thanks!

timduncanfanblog2k14 said: Wait?! Thats it! Your business is done here! If it is, I don't really go on this often but when I did, seeing your posts was a nice reminder that you were still here. Take it easy friend. Enjoyed getting a glimpse of your awesome journey.

The business is done. I prefer to do year-long, finite blog projects simply because I don’t like beating ideas into the ground. Thanks for following the blog and taking to the time to reach out!

tomselleckisgreat-deactivated20 said: This is upsetting. Thanks for the laughs! :)

My pleasure!

awfulshame said: I'll miss the updates. Wondering who hit you at that Sudbury show a couple entries back... I vaguely remember it happening, but I'm getting old. Take care Ben!

I’m unsure. It was totally accidental- I leaned into the crowd and an enthused hand came out and popped the mic. Hard to recall these things as they happen so fast. Thanks for the kind words too!